FN P90® Tactical

Submachine Gun

Currently fielded on all continents and all environments

The FN P90® Tactical submachine gun is a compact, lightweight weapon with a magazine capacity of 50 cartridges in 5.7x28mm NATO calibre making it the ideal Personal Defense Weapon.

The FN P90® Tactical submachine gun is easy to carry, handle, shoot and maintain. Together with the FN Five-seveN® pistol and the associated ammunition, it constitutes the iconic FN® 5.7 Weapon System.

Key Benefits

  • Very compact, even with magazine fitted

  • Fully ambidextrous

  • Available with semi-auto only or selective fire trigger mechanism

  • Low recoil firing single shots and full auto

  • 50-round magazine

  • Very easy to maintain

A number of accessories fully tested and certified by FN Herstal are proposed with the FN P90® Tactical, as well as a full range of cartridges.