FN® 509


A modern, high performance pistol in 9x19mm NATO calibre

FN Herstal has designed and developed a pre-loaded striker pistol for security forces based on user feedback.
The FN® 509 offers a new level of durability, reliability and ergonomic design.

Key Benefits

  • Designed and developed for Security forces

  • Extremely reliable and very accurate:

    • fixed 3-dot luminescent sights
    • tactile and visible loaded chamber indicator
    • 17-round capacity magazine
  • Highly ergonomic:

    • highly effective non-slip surfaces
    • ambidextrous slide release and safety catch
    • interchangeable backstraps adapt to all hand sizes
  • Available with or without manual safety

  • Accepts a wide range of 9x19mm ammunition, including the specifically designed FN® EP and EPT cartridges

A number of cartridges and accessories fully tested and certified by FN Herstal are proposed with the FN® 509.

For Security market only