FN Herstal will attend LAAD Defense & Security Exhibition 2019

FN Herstal will be exhibiting the legendary firearms and state-of-theart technology that continues to position it as one of the world’s foremost and most innovative firearms manufacturers at the LAAD Defense and Security Exhibition 2019, Brazil. For 130 years, FN Herstal has provided generations of Defense and Security Forces as well as Special Units, with firearms that give them a clear advantage in any engagement. This proud tradition is set to continue long into the future.

Designed in the final years of World War I, the legendary Browning .50 cal (12.7mm) heavy machine gun (HMG), still produced by FN Herstal, continues to be regarded as one of the finest firearms ever made. The Quick Change Barrel (QCB), introduced by FN Herstal in the 1980s, enables soldiers to quickly, easily and safely change the barrel without assistance, providing them with better protection in the heat of battle. Any in-service M2HB machine gun, of FN Herstal or other origin, can be converted by an armorer to have the FN® QCB features. The FN® QCB configuration’s durability also reinforces FN Herstal’s reputation for reliability and effectiveness in everything it develops. Tens of thousands of the FN® QCB configuration are in service around the world today.

Another legendary firearm on display will be the 7.62x51mm FN MAG® General Purpose Machine Gun (GMPG), originally designed and manufactured by FN Herstal. Since it was first adopted in 1958, more than 230,000 units of the FN MAG® have been supplied to over 90 countries around the globe, including a vast majority of countries in South, Central and North America, UK and France to name just a few. It continues to set the standard for 7.62x51mm NATO caliber GPMGs for accuracy, reliability, and durability. While deployed under many different names (e.g. MAG58, M240, L7A2, C6, Ksp58) and different configurations, the FN MAG® – now available with integrated top rail and optional side rails for add-on accessories – is regarded as the general purpose machine gun of choice for armed forces worldwide.

At LAAD 2019, FN Herstal will also be showcasing the latest enhancements for its FN MINIMI®Light Machine Gun (LMG). First available in 5.56mm in the early 1980s and in 7.62mm since mid-2000s, this dominant LMG has continued to evolve, largely thanks to experience from heavy use by both US and NATO forces in the first Gulf War, in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. Based on real world feedback from actual combat experience, rather than tests on a firing range, FN Herstal has perfected the FN MINIMI®’s ergonomic shape and use with accessories that further enhance its functionality to meet the latest operational demands. A recent addition to FN product range that can be integrated into the FN MINIMI® is the FN SmartCore® shot counter, which ensures optimized small arms management when associated with a dedicated software.


At LAAD 2019, FN Herstal will also have on display:

  • Podded weapon systems for airborne applications, equipped with the exclusive .50 Cal FN®M3P machine gun (firing 1,100 RPM).
  • Pintle-mounted weapon systems for airborne applications, equipped with the exclusive .50 Cal FN® M3M machine gun or 7.62mm FN MAG® machine gun.
    Over 5,200 FN airborne weapon systems are deployed on a wide range of helicopters and subsonic aircraft across the world.
  • The FN SCAR® family: the FN SCAR®-SC subcompact carbine, the 5.56 and 7.62 assault rifles, with optional underslung or stand-alone 40mm grenade launchers, and 7.62 precision rifles.
  • deFNder® Medium remote weapon station. This can house any FN machine gun from 7.62mm to .50 Cal, and 40mm AGLs. A naval variant is also available.
  • Laser range finders developed by NOPTEL, a Finnish subsidiary of FN Herstal. These can be attached by OEMs to a wide range of fire control systems, remote weapon station cameras, and other military products to provide advanced optronic capabilities.


If you are attending LAAD 2019, you can view all of FN Herstal’s legendary firearms, state-of-the-art enhancements, and innovative weapon systems up close on Belgian Pavilion. If you are unable to attend LAAD 2019, please visit www.fnherstal.kaffeine.dev to find out more about FN Herstal’s wide range of high grade products and comprehensive support services.