FN MINIMI® 5.56 Mk3

Light Machine Gun

Adopted on all continents, recently evolved to meet the requirements of the modern soldier

The world famous FN MINIMI® 5.56 Light Machine Guns Mk1 and Mk2 have been adopted by 70 countries worldwide as a standard issue for regular and special forces. The FN MINIMI® 5.56 Mk3 Light Machine Gun has recently been designed and developed for improved ergonomics and handling.

Conversion kits for FN MINIMI® 5.56
FN Herstal offers a comprehensive and customized upgrade program to adapt the FN MINIMI® 5.56 to new operational conditions. Various conversion kits are available and the modifications can be carried out in customers’ facilities. Some examples of conversion kits available: handguard/bipod conversion kit, buttstock conversion kit and cocking handle conversion kit.

Key Benefits

  • Has proved its reliability in numerous combat situations

  • Improved ergonomics and improved mobility:

    • adjustable buttstock: 5-position length adjustment and 6-position cheek rest height adjustment, with foldable shoulder rest and integrated hydraulic buffer
    • bipod integrates with the handguard, even with accessory on lower rail
    • cocking handle enables cocking with strong or weak hand
    • feed tray with belt retaining pawls for easy loading with one hand
  • Available with short barrel (349mm) or long barrel (465mm), quickly interchangeable

  • Variants available: FN MINIMI® 5.56 Mk3

    • Tactical SB (short barrel, adjustable buttstock with shoulder rest)
    • Tactical LB (long barrel, adjustable buttstock with shoulder rest)
    • SF (short barrel, adjustable buttstock with convex butt plate, without shoulder rest)
    • Para (short barrel, telescopic buttstock)
    • Standard (long barrel, fixed buttstock)
  • Customized upgrade program available for users having an earlier FN MINIMI® 5.56 model in service

A number of accessories fully tested and certified by FN Herstal are proposed with the FN MINIMI® Mk3 5.56, as well as a full range of cartridges